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We are excited to invite you to the second annual ThetaCon event happening November 2 – 5, 2023 in Austin, TX! We listened and incorporated your feedback for a longer convention, more opportunities for breakout sessions, and selected a venue in the heart of Austin’s music scene. Agenda will be posted as speakers, panelists and breakout sessions are confirmed.


Theta Community Conference Committee Inc. (TCCC) was created in 2022 with the purpose to promote the Theta blockchain community by developing, promoting and implementing a community driven conference for the purpose of educating and including those individuals or entities that might not otherwise have an opportunity for exposure, as well as creating an open platform for Theta enthusiasts to creatively engage, meet, and build awareness about the Theta ecosystem.

Board of Directors

Bryan Macer


ThetaCon Advocate, Theta Blockchain Enthusiast, Theta Community Engagement

Bryan is a seasoned professional in corporate finance and treasury management, having worked at a top US bank for most of his career and more recently serving as Director of Technology at Allied Resources Group in Philly. He’s a huge fan of the Theta Network, having been an early enthusiast and community supportive leader, which ultimately led to his leadership role within Thetacon. Originally from Indiana, Bryan received his BA in Mathematics and MBA from Indiana University.

“Doctor Theta”

Vice President

Physician, OpenTheta team, Operator of Doctor Theta Community Guardian Node, NFT Project advisor, TRS Ninja, Co-founder at Guardian Alliance

Since becoming an investor in Theta in January 2020, Doc has helped several successful projects get off the ground in the ecosystem and dedicated his time to helping the Theta community by welcoming and educating newcomers to Theta Network. As an active investor on dozens of NFT projects, he actively advises several Theta Partners such as OpenTheta, Fuel Foundry and also run runs one of the most powerful Guardian Nodes in the Network that  allows anyone to delegate their Theta so they can earn maximum Tfuel rewards!

Rob Feldman


Creator & Artist, Animation Producer, Streamer on

Rob Feldman is a Ringo-Award nominated comic book creator, animation producer and NFT artist best known for his print and online comic, Cyko KO and web animated series, Dr. Shroud. Having produced content for the likes of Warner Brothers, Fangoria, Starlog, Top Cow and Mystery Science Theater, Rob’s recent work of NFT drops and streaming through the blockchain-based partner Theta Network have proven to be the most innovative and utility-driven to date. In addition to producing, Rob serves as CTO of the publishing powerhouse Rocketship Entertainment where he helps brainstorm, source product and manage content.

Photo credit: Jason Page

Amy Gibson

Operations Manager

Jack of all trades planner, strategist and event specialist. We are pleased to welcome Amy back to plan and organize ThetaCon for 2023 after the very successful launch of the inaugural ThetaCon in 2022. A Swiss Army knife of event planning, Amy is responsible for all aspects of the convention from initial strategy to go-live.

Bones Nasty

Development Coordinator

Bones Nasty is an early adopter of Theta, a fitness lifestyle streamer, athlete at BonesNasty’s Dojo, and lead link organizer of BonesNasty’s Crypto Emporium. With a diverse background, he began in stock/derivatives trading at a major international investment bank. Later, he served as a Special Operations Combat Medic in the US Navy for 8 years. Currently, he’s the Director of Business Development at an innovative biopharmaceutical company in California. Bones is passionate about technology and finance, advocating for blockchain’s use in research, science, business governance, and education. He eagerly supports and connects with all Theta community projects and members.