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November 2 – 5, 2023
Hotel Van Zandt
Austin TX


Show Info

Tickets and Hotels

Tickets include access to all programming. Reserve your hotel room to receive the discounted ThetaCon23 group rate. The group rate applies to all rooms booked for the evenings of October 30 – November 7, 2023. When utilizing the link, only the evenings of November 2-5 will show with the discounted rate, however, contact Joshua Pena at (512) 960-8746 or to add additional nights at the group rate. Included in the special hotel room rate: Complimentary morning coffee and tea (6:00 – 10:00 am) and complimentary event social hour (margaritas, beer and wine) with live music. We anticipate the room block selling out so reserve your room ASAP.


  • Theta Labs
  • Open Theta
  • Lavita
  • Pop & Mags Pinecast
  • ThetaZilla Club
  • Theta Vibes
  • Tigons and Verified Labs

Speakers (cont’d)

  • Replay
  • Jordan Bayne
  • Mystic Gurus
  • Camp Theta
  • Mark Sean
  • Fuel Foundry
  • Rob Feldman – Cyko KO
  • Andrew Lunde
  • Mark Deschaine


  • Theta Rarity
  • TraderPunks
  • ThetaPollinator
  • Tigons
  • Open Theta

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Sponsors (In-Kind)

Zilly Award Voting!!

The Zilly Awards recognize and honor the outstanding achievements of individuals and projects that have made a significant impact on the Theta ecosystem. The awards live event will take place on Saturday, November 4 at 2:30pm at Thetacon 2023.

Together, let’s celebrate the remarkable achievements and advancements that have made Theta the thriving ecosystem it is today!


Most Promising Project

This award celebrates the visionary who has yet to reach their full potential but is poised for greatness, with all the signs pointing towards an extraordinary future! This project has already begun adding immense value to the Theta community, even in its early stages. Their contributions have showcased a unique perspective and innovative ideas, while igniting excitement.

Best Theta Advocate

This award recognizes an individual, group, or project that epitomizes everything that is Theta. They are a true embodiment of the Theta community, the champion who ignites enthusiasm and sparks interest among those who are attuned to Theta Network’s vast possibilities. Their passion is infectious and their voice resonates with those that need to hear it most.

Best Streamer or Podcast

This award recognizes the individual who has captivated the Theta audience far and wide through their exceptional streaming prowess or enlightening podcast content. Their magnetic presence and remarkable ability to engage and entertain have set them apart.

Best Social Personality

This award celebrates an individual who has infused the world of crypto with laughter, wit, and a refreshing dose of lutz-filled humor through their incredible Theta memes on social media! This person not only appreciates a good meme but also possesses the unrivaled talent of creating their own, delighting the Theta community with their unique brand of comedic genius.

Best Use of Theta Tech

This award honors an individual or organization who has harnessed the power of Theta network’s video and data delivery technology to transcend boundaries and captivate their audience. They have fearlessly pushed the limits, showcasing an unparalleled ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the realms of Theta Network and the wider world. They possess a remarkable talent for drawing individuals from “outside” of Theta or outside the realm of crypto and seamlessly integrating them into the network.

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Looking to present or speak at ThetaCon 23?

Calling all speakers, panelists, and breakout room hosts! We are now accepting applications.

Why attend ThetaCon?

This three-day conference is not only an opportunity to network with those that utilize similar Theta blockchain technology but also the single greatest event of the year to connect with like-minded and creative Theta enthusiasts to propel your vision into a sustainable reality.

Building on TC22, we are planning more chances to introduce your story to the larger Theta ecosystem while keeping the event a reasonable size to encourage the community atmosphere and provide space for relationship building.

If you don’t believe us, check out the ThetaCon22 recap!