(as of August 2022)

Andrew Lunde
Senior Solution Architect

Wes Levitt
Head of Strategy
Theta Labs

Andrea Berry
Head of Business Development
Theta Labs

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For Theta users by Theta users.

ThetaCon is a collective community created and hosted event in support of the Theta Blockchain Ecosystem. Theta Network continues to innovate, quickly generating developer interest and demand of use.

This community conference aims to educate, grow awareness through idea generation, network and celebrate all that continues to happen in the Theta ecosystem. Join us as we kick off our inaugural LIVE Conference with guest speakers, panels, partner/exhibitor booths and many of our recognizable Theta enthusiasts.



There is limited IN PERSON capacity. Look for updates in the near future for ticket purchases to participate live in person or online for exclusive access to upcoming events, NFT drops, early access to Theta blockchain company use, Gaming integration and much more!

Whether you join us in person or through online viewership through, be on the look out for a chance to receive prizes throughout the entire weekend. We look forward to meeting you! Come join us!

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